street art - Michael Amrose / Abstract Photography

Michael Amrose /Abstract Photography

street art

I consider these photographs modern day versions of cave paintings. Why cave paintings?  The purpose of cave paintings may have been religious, artistic and/or for documenting history, events or ideas. The purpose of my subject was obvious—to repair cracks in city streets.  There are similarities between the two.  The "painters" are unknown, and in many instances, artistic elements were found in each.  Everyday, thousands of people drive over the black markings in the road. These ordinary road repairs are unnoticed except with disdain. They represent the work of many and the recognition of few. There were areas with interesting shapes, lines and textures that seemed to go beyond repair. To these, I added my interpretation and created the Street Art Series. Still I question, "Were these markings in the street only functional or were artistic motivations involved?

“All great art was great not because it was the result of expertise and skill but because it was borne out of invention, creative expression, rebellion against the restraints of the current academia! …The bottom line is that the act of abstraction is at the very core of what art is. True art is not a copy of nature. Art is abstract.” — Curtis Verdun

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