quotidian I - Michael Amrose / Abstract Photography

Michael Amrose /Abstract Photography

quotidian I

Curtains, for the most part, are functional, serving the purposes of enhancing privacy, warmth, darkness, and calming noise. Though they surround us everyday, they are unnoticed and can be quite ordinary. With the snap of the shutter in a fleeting moment, these ordinary curtains become extraordinary. The curtain’s familiar shapes and textures remain only to be distorted by movement and influenced by the color from the sun, sky and trees. Light, form, texture and movement combine to reinvent the vernacular.  Unique, abstract interpretations of curtains are created. Beyond documentation, the process takes viewers on a conceptual journey shifting their perception of the “ordinary” curtains surrounding them.


“You opened my eyes to see the world around me in a different way.” — Renee Phillips, Dir. Manhattan Arts International

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